Teaching Catholic Schools to Win at Social Media with Laura Tierney

In this episode, John talks with Laura Tierney, the founder and CEO of the Social Institute. They delve into how the Social Institute has emerged as a pioneering force in educating over 50,000 students through a gamified social media curriculum, aiming to navigate the complexities of social media and technology with positivity and integrity. 

Laura's achievements, including recognition by Melinda Gates and being a finalist in the EdTech Leadership Award, underscore the importance of her work. 

The discussion also outlines the mindset and strategies needed for schools, parents, and students to tackle social media's challenges head-on rather than shying away. 

They stress the value of modeling positive behavior, fostering trust through open communication, establishing clear standards, and taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to social media education. 

The conversation underscores that successful navigation of social media involves understanding its implications, setting boundaries, and promoting a culture of positivity and respect both online and offline.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Guest Laura Tierney
00:18 Laura Tierney's Achievements and the Social Institute's Impact
02:42 The Positive Approach to Social Media Education
04:20 Empowering Students and Adults in Navigating Social Media
05:15 Strategies for Schools to Integrate Social Media Education
07:11 Addressing Social Media Challenges in Schools and Families
15:41 Advice for Parents and Schools on Managing Social Media
24:38 Success Stories and the Importance of Positive Social Media Use
27:50 Parting Thoughts and How to Connect with The Social Institute
Teaching Catholic Schools to Win at Social Media with Laura Tierney
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